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Oct 9, 2012

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm closing this blog.  You can probably have foreseen that from the years of no posts, but I'm making it official because those things matter, or something.  I have no use for reminders of affections that make me ill to think of today, or memoirs of the prat I used to be.  I am a far different person today than I once was, and intend to keep heading in that direction, but I'm not going to do too well at that if I'm still clinging onto the past.

However, I will keep the posts detailing the end days of Ben and I's relationship/friendship/what the fuck ever, simply because someday I'm going to have to make explanations and I'd rather have hard evidence instead of relying on (rapidly lapsing) memory. But everything else goes.  It's been fun or whatever, and I'm going to be pissed off at losing all the effort I put into maintaining this, but I just can't with this entire blog any more.