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Aug 27, 2009

Un fucking believable.

I knew Dumbledore was going to die. I didn't count on the whole London Philharmonic Orchestra to play a funeral dirge to him that makes me want to curl up in a little ball and sob. :\

 Though, granted, I did actually cry when he died in the book.

 I'll cry at a more opportune time, when there are people that I can make wet with my tears. And not in a naughty way, that'd just be way too sadistic for even me.

 Will be heading down to Taranto in a moment, to make sure he got my draft, so he can correct it and tell me his criticisms before going into the SAC. Tossing my laptop into my locker for the SAC, so don't expect any replies or anything.

 :( Dumbledore died for the fake Horcrux. ::cries::

 R.A.B. Regulus something-or-other Black. :\

 I want to see the next movie, now! ::stomps foot::

 Anyway, it's finishing off, so I'm going to post this and pack.

 Wish me luck!

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Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...

I never before realised just how much I missed the Harry Potter series.

Pirating is fun!  But ah, no-one said anything about anything illegal, right?  ;)  I'm totally talking of sitting in a little wooden boat in the middle of the ocean, waving the Jolly Roger and pillaging and stuff.

Evil cursed necklaces are the new couture, are they?  :|  That's an ugly piece of crap.

My priorities are skewed.  I should be memorising Kane quotes.  But I know enough to get by, I hope.  As for film techniques...

  • Susan's meeting Kane ("I don't know many people." "I know too many people.  I guess we're both lonely.") and subsequent interactions, including the opening night of Salammbô!, showing that "everything was his idea."
  • Leland and Kane's argument, post-election: Jed's observation that Kane wants "love on [his] terms", and that he "talks about the people as if they belong to [him]."  The first astute note of Kane's egotistic nature, and his instinct to buy people things (more specifically, to "make [the people] a gift of freedom").
  • Mise-en-scènes, most notably when Jed gets fired ("He never finished anything except my review" -- a link to Xanadu -> completing his life) and when Thatcher visits Mary and Jim.
  • (Credit:  Ben)
    Jed: You're still eating?
    Kane: I'm still hungry.
    Hungry for what?  Hungry for POWER!  (insert Over 9000 joke here)
  • (Credit: Ben)
    "You provide the prose, I'll provide the war."
    Everyone except Leland is wearing those funny Spanish hats, that I can't quite remember the name of.  The hats symbolise support, for the Spanish-American War that (according to the movie) was started by Kane for his own needs.
  • The Breakfast Montage.
Those 6 should be enough.

My ass is numb.  That's what I get for leaving my donkey tied up somewhere for long periods of time...

No, but really.  I should move.

::shifts::  I should probably study, too.  ::stretches to reach notes, fails::  Eh.  ::abandons Quest::

Ben, shut up.  :(  I'm trying to watch my movie.

And my Volume Mixer has died, again.  Ffs.  I may need to reinstall drivers.  Bri, help?  :\

Anyway, back to my movie.  Ben's downloaded The Lion King, so...  ::awaits for the incessant, inevitable spouting of quotes::


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Aug 25, 2009

Grah, make them go away.

Make the silly "[name] has deleted [email]" messages disappear. I've deleted that particular email from my sent items, and had also selected to delete it from all recipients' inboxes. Why are people still able to delete something I already deleted?

 Ffs, I hate Groupwise.


 Today, the canteen has made stroganoff. Will it be as delicious as last time? Eh, probably not. We'll see.


 Ben gets to go home early today. /envy.


 I don't even like using "//" to separate thoughts and ideas, but my standard tag seems to cut the message prematurely. Fuck Posterous.

 Food, then maybe a nap.


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Melbourne, Australia
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Aug 23, 2009

I was doing so well

At not-talking.  And then Van got home and I started the obligatory conversation with her.

Blah.  But she bought me phở, so I suppose all is forgiven.

I managed to finish my math assignment in a very short time this afternoon.  Yay!

Always intended on writing a Kane essay today, but blah.  I think I'm okay with them, though.  Just need to remember more quotes and damn filmic techniques.  They're where I lose the most marks.  And I need an 8 or so on this SAC (Thu. p5, joy!), and on the end of year exam.

I should probably finish applying to universities.  I'm not entirely sure why I keep putting it off.  I think most of me is just terrified beyond imagine of failing.  If you never try, you never know you suck, right?  Eh, but that logic is awfully flawed.  As Brian's pointed out before, not trying is equivalent to failure anyway.  So I just have to bite the bullet and apply.

But christ, where to?  Flinders U (SA) is good, I suppose.  As is Griffith U and JCU (both QLD).  And Monash (VIC) is always a good choice.  But trying to juggle the obligatory applications, money, family expectations for said money...  Hell, it's a pain in the ass.  And circumnavigating application forms is no better.  I don't think they've yet realised that there are non-tertiary institutions that train students for VET certificates.

Eh, I don't know.  It's a minefield I don't think I'm in quite the mindset to tackle, just yet.

My most recent headphone death has had me très, très désolé.  I have no headphones, at all.  So, my new-found wealth (a grand total of $255) has had me scouring eBay up and down, looking for bargains.  Cheap headphones will be heading to my place, starting from Tuesday at the earliest.  And I also have a set of 20 screwdriver bits (with a rivet handle, yay!), for $8.99 (incl. P&H).  How did I survive before Paypal?  I mean, really?

I'm going to go eat my delicious phở.  If Bri doesn't manage to get online soonish, I'm going to hit the hay.  I'm tired.  :\

Goodnight, dears.

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Aug 20, 2009

Ohai, tech supprt!

We r haz isshews w/ da intrwebz!

 Come on, I'm having DNS errors on *Google*. Who the hell ever receives DNS errors on *Google*? It's never been down in the decade or so that I've been using it to pirate musi- er, to browse the internet.

 See if you can decipher this thing that Bina and I got going this morning: "[I] edited the edit, which was made to edit the edit of [my] edit of [Rhadika's] scribble."

 Basically, Rhadika wrote "I SUCK" on my hand in 0.6mm Artline marker. I edited the I to a D, and rewrote it to read "RHADIKA SUCKS". So Rhadika had to amend it to read "RHADIKA DOESN'T SUCKS [grammatical error!] BUT LINH DOES :P". Insert naughty joke here. I added " 
I don't think there's ever been any proof of people being affected by modern inks being absorbed through the skin. Though, if there is, let me know, yeah?

 DNS seems to be working fine for Google (for the intermediary), so I'm going to go back to either browsing the interwebz, or taking a nap.

Haileybury College and Haileybury Girls College
Melbourne, Australia
ABN: 34 004 228 906

 Keysborough Campus & Central Administration , 855 Springvale Road, Keysborough 3173. Phone: +61 (0)3 9213 2222. Brighton Campus, 120 South Road, Brighton East 3187. Phone: +61 (0)3 8599 2444. Berwick Campus, 138 High Street, Berwick 3806. Phone: +61 (0)3 8768 2300. This email, including any attachments, is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient you must not copy, use, disclose, distribute or rely on this information. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately by reply email and delete the email from your system. Confidentiality and legal privilege attached to this communication are not waived or lost by reason of mistaken delivery to you. Haileybury does not guarantee that this email is unaffected by computer virus, corruption or other defects. Haileybury monitors all incoming and outgoing email for compliance with its IT Policies.

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Aug 19, 2009

He rapped her on the head

with his chopsticks because she didn't pronounce "Torquay" to his satisfaction.  Are you fucking kidding?

(Besides which, he pronounced it "turkey" -- which is also incorrect.  Should I rap him on the head, too?)

I haven't done any Kane work, because NetStorage has decided it was going to shit itself.  Great.  :|  It must be an issue had with one of my plugins on FF and NetStorage, though, because it seems to work fine on Opera.  Maybe it's time I reinstall everything, to clear out all my plugins.

I'm still feeling the effects of sleep dep.  Joy.  Will probably go to bed early tonight (though I went to bed early last night, too), in an attempt to reduce sleep debt.  Sleep debt causes sleep dep.  Try saying that 10 times fast.

No man is an island, they said.  They didn't count on me, didn't count on my inevitable ability to distance myself from my friends and my family.  Hell, even when things are good (as they have been, for a while), everything holds to a surreal sort of reality.  A little, I imagine, like being in a perma-dream would be.

I don't even know.  I'm not complaining, not at all.  Everything is good.  Just... idle speculation on why it is that I rarely feel immersed in anything any more.

I read an article earlier today, that basically stated that people with depressive disorders do not pursue happiness because they are incapable of enjoying it.  Is that me?  Is that now what I have become?  Unwilling to exert a little effort, to get what I want, because I simply cannot be happy?

Or am I just looking for an excuse to be what I am?

Sad, really.  I dreamt of my own death before.  Had it planned out, the cross-strokes and tittles in the right places.  And I was actually positively cheerful about it.  Thing is, I don't want to die.  Why, then, did I feel so damn elated at my forthcoming death?

On an unrelated tangent, I found an article to that social experiment we studied a while back.  Here.  Figured y'all'd find it interesting.

And on the lighter side of things:

Bri:  Might find this useful.

Also, YAY I have the first season of Secret Life.  Need to set the conversion tonight (must remember!).  Does anyone have spare headphones that I can borrow, tomorrow morning?

Last image of the evening:

Happy video makees me happy:

kitten vs. frontrow from mattcoats on Vimeo.


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Hooray for Natvend!

They sent me back $2 in the post (sending cash in the mail, naughty ::tsk::) after my disastrous attempt to get Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips from the machines yesterday.

Today, I was supposed to ask Mr. Alexander about the platy and cory in the school tank (kept with goldfish.  Break my heart, why don't you?), but ended up getting caught in a debate with a yr11 kid and Mr. A about evolution, and the (kid reckons) lack of evidence to support it.  Nice enough change from the usual.

Ben pulled a sickie today.  Except, he's actually sick.  So I'll let this one slide -- for now.  :P

I managed to sleep through about 10 minutes of Physics today.  Nice.  :|  Richard woke me, so... yay!  Still.  How the hell do I manage to pull off 8hrs of sleep, a 45min nap, and still be tired?

Anyway, probably should write out something for Kane, and then chew on some math.  I dunno, equilibrium (Chem) is okay in my head.  Ditto, Physics.  Just have to get the graphs straight in my head.  But apparently, we have a SAC Monday week.  Joy!

Homeworking.  /dnd.

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Aug 16, 2009

How could I face the faceless days // If I should lose you now?

So Close, by Jon McLaughlin

You're in my arms
And all the world is calm
The music playing on for only two
So close together
And when I'm with you
So close to feeling alive

A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close

So close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this was not pretend
And now you're beside me and look how far we've come
So far we are so close

How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?
We're so close
To reaching that famous happy end
And almost believing this was not pretend
Let's go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far

Why, why do I insist listening to this song, knowing it'll make me cry?  :\

I want steak, and there's none to be had.  And Safeway's closed.  Or, well, will be closing.  Shiz.  :(

And with that, bid adieu to your free time.

By the way:  Yo Posterous developers!  Will you please allow the max-height and overflow properties?  I use it a lot, and it's irritating to have to go around fixing everything.  :\


It always makes me happy to hear thunder rumbling around, and see the lights flickering ominously.  I don't know why.  I'm scawed of the dark.  :\

Never understood that, either.  Nyctophobia is not cool, in someone my age.

You know, I have some really stunning friends.  I was just taking a look at my friends list on Country Story, and hot damn.  Manda and Jing-Wen are both terribly adorable.  Though I suppose I'm rather gorgeous myself.  ::preens:: :P

I suppose I should go to bed.  But I'm eating some of bà nội's cháo, and it makes me happy.  I could finish what's left of the stroganoff (oh yeah, I think I neglected to mention that I successfully made stroganoff the other night, and didn't set fire to the kitchen or anything :P) but meh.  I've had stroganoff for dinner so many nights in a row already...  :\

Thunder just went past again.  Does this mean I can watch lightning as I fall asleep?  I'm not crazy about bright flashing light while I'm trying to sleep, but it'd be cool to watch.

Anyway, I'm going to fish for a while longer (Pet Society), and maybe check on my crops (Farmville) [can you tell what I've been doing all day?] and then head to bed.

Goodnight, dears.

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Aug 14, 2009

Much Ado about "Much Ado About Nothing"

And rightfully so!  It was a very, very good play.  And you know when I use two superlatives, I mean it.  ;)

The cast was amazing, the (albeit, abridged) script even more so.  With biting banter between Beatrice Amy Foyster and Benedick Thomas Cross, starry-eyed adoration between Claudio Peter Bain and HeroMaddison Connaughton, and admittedly, the brilliant villainy of Don JohnStephen Hunter and his cronies (BorachioAndii Huynh and ConradeJames Till), our people had even Shakespeare-hating Rob in appreciation. So, well done to our lot. ;)

Then again, with such a stunning cast and crew, what else is there to be done?

I especially enjoyed Claudio's "Calling for God".  Brilliant!  And the wanton use of the super soaker...  Very cool.  :P

Anyway, here's the cast and crew (and yes, I did get all this from the programme).

Benedick Thomas Cross
Beatrice Amy Foyster
Claudio Peter Bain
Hero Maddison Connaughton
Don Pedro Alexander Bidstrup
Don John Stephen Hunter
Borachio Andii Huynh
Conrade James Till
Leonato Eamon Shanahan
Antonio Jack Traylen
Margaret Krystal Mizzi
Emily Goodwin
Zac Cracknell
Lewis Bell
The Watch
Madeleine Somers

Laura Matthews

Temika Rae

Stephanie Clark

Shane Muir
Friar Francis
Vivek Godinho
James Lee
Shane Muir
Spencer Bignell
Jesse Liang
Anna McEvoy

Amber Fyfe

Tess Lancaster

Genevieve D'Mello

Mallory Parker

Morgan Sarau

Bonnie Simpson

James Lee

Production Crew
Mr. Nic Frame
Mr. Stewart Bell
Assistant Director
Miss Nicole Smith
Miss Samantha Drury
Stage Manager
Jonathan Davies
Backstage Crew
Patrick Van Orsow

Zabrina Batterham

Nathaniel Ramage

Mr. Stewart Bell
Set Construction
Ms. Judy Papp

Mr. Scott Cannon

Mr. Alex Matveev
Set Detailers
Mr. Brett Pullyblank

Mr. Stewart Bell

Jonathan Davies

Nathan Trewin

Nathaniel Ramage

Patrick Van Orsow
Lighting Operator
Callum Pullyblank
Lighting Design
Stephen Hunter
Sound Operator
Benjamin Moltzer
Sound Design
Stephen Hunter
Mrs. Janet Hedrick

Miss Catherine Cooper
Mrs. Trish Pullyblank

Anica Weereratne

Taranto is scary when he's angry...

I've seriously never seen him at anything but jovial before.  So it was a little creepy to walk into class to a pissed-off Taranto and a surprise (to me, anyway) practise SAC.  I actually think I did okay with it -- even if I really don't remember using any film techniques.  Oops.

I liked Dr. W's anecdote this morning.  I really like listening to others' stories.  Does that make me weird?  Anyway, he was explaining how, literally months before the exams (around Aug-Sep), most of the teachers at his school went on strike to protest the appointment of an unqualified teacher.  The teachers stood their ground, and didn't work for seven to eight weeks, and the principal did not back down and fire that guy (because they needed someone to fill that space, and some tuition was better than no tuition).  During that time, he had his... was it his math teacher? and the principal teaching him all his classes.  By the time the teachers came back to work, they discovered that many of their students had finished the course by themselves -- including Dr. W.  That year, the school got the highest scores they'd ever had.  And all because the principal hired someone the rest of the teachers didn't feel qualified.  Go figure.

And apparently, Mr. Friedman has run into a girl here, that he's seen at two or three other schools before.  o_O

I fell asleep in Math again.  :(  But I'm so sick of Markov chains and comparing length runs.  Seriously, dudes, it's so basic that doing it makes me want to scream.

Anyway, after Taranto hands back my Kane plan, it's crunch time.  I really need to write a fantastic essay, pretty much know it word for word, and spew it back out on paper in two weeks' time.

Also, what's this about a Math SAC on the 31st?  o_O!  Gah, I really don't like what's-his-face, Mistuh Hosking.  I'm sure he's a good teacher and all, but he's working us in the ground with SAC timing.  Oh, wait.  I'm in yr12.  This is how it's meant to be.  Fuck.

But today is Much Ado About Nothing day, and that makes me happy.  I like watching school productions.  I mean, I love working on them more, but... eh, I dunno.  Disconnect between myself and the rest of the regular crew people.  Anyway, I'm meant to be getting a gig in September or so, so that should be cool.  But ooh, it wasn't cool when I worked with that other guy last year.  Was it last year?  I don't remember.  Anyway, this guy decided that three mics (read, three mics) could somehow magically hook up to a set of speakers without a mixer.  Well, I suppose it could be done if the three mics were wireless (granted, they were) and had a common receiver.  But no, two separate receivers.  Newsflash, d00d, speakers only have one input.  You can daisy-chain them from one speaker, and theoretically have infinite outputs from one source.  But that's one source.  You have two.  Give me a goddamn jug plug, so I can set up my mixer.

(I think he was more pissed because I came prepped with a mixer.  ::shrugs::)

Eh, it doesn't matter.  His absolute refusal to acknowledge the clip lights pissed me off to no end (no matter how good your speakers are, if your input is clipped, everything is going to be goddamned clipped.  That's why you keep the volume reasonable on the mixer output, and turn it up at the speakers.  If it won't go any higher, then you need better damn speakers or a separate stack of passive speakers and a really good amp), and he in general showed little to no aptitude for sound-tech.  I think my favourite part of the night was when he went to unplug a live cable from the speaker, when it was turned on to full.  Christ, the first thing I learnt in OH&S was to turn off speakers before unplugging anything from them, to prevent damage to the cones and bystanders' eardrums.  Course, the fact that I was standing right in front of the speaker at the time probably didn't help.

It doesn't matter.  My iPod just pulled up Wouldn't It Be Nice.  So I'm happy.  :)

I'm going to go take a quick shower before Bri comes on.  Need to get dressed and ready for tonight.


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Aug 13, 2009

Today is her birthday.

The 19th of a woman I swore to never think of again.  The one who, with the barest attention, can have my heart in my throat and the blood going to my head.  The one who has had me in... not torment, not nearly it, but in an absolute frenzy from the moment I first laid eyes on her.

Happy birthday, Rebecca.

I love you.  God, wait, no, no I don't.  Infatuation isn't the same thing.

I don't know what it is.  I don't want her, I don't love her -- but I still vie for her attention.  For even one fucking Facebook notice with her name and mine on it.

I suppose I'm much the same about Brian.  But... It's not the same.  What we have, feels much deeper than just that.  Than just brief flirtation, this near-obsession.  It's very much more real.  She just... sets me alight, with every word and non-word.  In a way that's the same, but not the same, as how he does.

Fuck me, emotions suck.

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"Find the derivative of x position with respect to time..."

At first I was afraid, what could the answer be?
It said given this position find velocity.
So I tried to work it out, but I knew that I was wrong.
I struggled; I cried, "A problem shouldn't take this long!"
I tried to think, control my nerve.
It's evident that speed's tangential to that time-position curve.
This problem would be mine if I just knew that tangent line.
But what to do? Show me a sign!

So I thought back to Calculus.
Way back to Newton and to Leibniz,
And to problems just like this.
And just like that when I had given up all hope,
I said nope, there's just one way to find that slope.
And so now I, I will derive.
Find the derivative of x position with respect to time.
It's as easy as can be, just have to take dx/dt.
I will derive, I will derive. Hey, hey!

And then I went ahead to the second part.
But as I looked at it I wasn't sure quite how to start.
It was asking for the time at which velocity
Was at a maximum, and I was thinking "Woe is me."
But then I thought, this much I know.
I've gotta find acceleration, set it equal to zero.
Now if I only knew what the function was for a.
I guess I'm gonna have to solve for it someway.

So I thought back to Calculus.
Way back to Newton and to Leibniz,
And to problems just like this.
And just like that when I had given up all hope,
I said nope, there's just one way to find that slope.
And so now I, I will derive.
Find the derivative of velocity with respect to time.
It's as easy as can be, just have to take dv/dt.
I will derive, I will derive.

So I thought back to Calculus.
Way back to Newton and to Leibniz,
And to problems just like this.
And just like that when I had given up all hope,
I said nope, there's just one way to find that slope.
And so now I, I will derive.
Find the derivative of x position with respect to time.
It's as easy as can be, just have to take dx/dt.
I will derive, I will derive, I will derive!

Is it at all nerdy that I love this song?  :\  I blame Mr. Mann.

So I saw Ms. Needham today.  Who the heck told me she was going to China and wasn't planning on coming back?  Apparently, she was in Canada for a year.  It doesn't really matter, she's back now.  ::shrugs::

Lamb souvlaki for lunch, joy.  Also, house dinner is apparently now on 24-Aug, at Fazio's.  I know, grumble bitch moan.  ::sigh:: Why the heck do we have to go all the way to Hampton?  :\  Need to find out from the folks if we can do that anyway.

Since Brian appears to be MIA, I'm going to go take a shower.

Ben:  GO BACK!!!  Get your cat, take her downstairs with you!  :(

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Screw you, Jackson

And your cake stall.

 Bernice and Vanessa were arguing on which muffins I should buy, so like an idiot, I went and bought both. :|

 I also got tiramisu. Now, being some kind of sensitive to caffeine, do I have a death wish? :|

 Now I'm stuck with a tray of 5 tiny muffins (there were 8. My classmates got hungry), a vanilla muffin that is 30 times sweeter than my tastebuds are used to (cute, though, with the little sprinkles) and a tiramisu muffin I don't know if I should eat.

 Crap. :|

 I think I renounce my sweet tooth. I've had too much.

 Did manage to get myself a Nestle Iced Tea this morning. I know, I know, it's foul compared to the real thing. But it's still ambrosia to someone who hasn't had iced tea in like 4 years. :|

 Going to go pick up my souvlaki (SHIT KIM WAIT COME BACK I GOT YOU ONE TOO) and try to eat this sugar cane plantation.

 Au revoir.

 (Side: The Decemberists suddenly sound much better than I remember them being.)

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I've gotten slack with my posting. :(

Watch me have very few posts, as of late. :(

So anyway, brief update:

  • Taranto was talking of some kid who left a brick "in front of [his] door" a few years ago, as a parting gift. I absent-mindedly asked "But how did he know where you lived?" Three years I've been here, I still haven't twigged that "door" and "office" are used interchangeably by teachers here. :(
  • Apparently, some other kid's Citizen Kane text response, at the end of year exam, consisted of one sentence: "Charles Foster Kane is a fucking idiot." He got a 0. I would have given him at least a couple of points: astute observation, brevity of response, persuasive, engaging writing style...
  • More playing with the Rumkorf (sp?) coil. Nothin' like messin' with electricity...

We had a guest speaker on Tuesday (can't remember his name. Sorry) who was an Old Boy (Bri: This means he used to go to Haileybury, not that he's a walking fossil or anything of the type), and managed to run into a lot of Haileyburians throughout his life. He brought up the concept of "Six degrees of Sursum Corda"; that, wherever you end up going as an Old Haileyburian (side: does this mean I'm going to be an Old Girl upon graduation? :(), you'll probably end up bumping into one of us. And this morning, I get a message telling me about Sarah & The King Bees. Excerpt from Star Central Magazine:

"Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah & The King Bees is fronted by fresh faced singer, Sarah Paletu’a - who is of Tongan and Australian descent and is accompanied on guitar by her German identical twin friends - Max & Reuben Wakefield. A fourth, Bill Barba, completes The King Bees, however has yet to make an appearance on one of the group’s videos that are rapidly gaining popularity and a few honours on Youtube. The foursome all met at their senior high school common room in April of 2008 and has since released a number of videos and performed gigs around their hometown. Covers were initially their forte, but the group has now widened their repertoire by producing a number of originals, which are a mix between pop, country, a bit of roots and many other fruits on the tree."

Now, I remember the Wakefields, but not Sarah or Bill.

Meh. Do me a favour, guys, go here and vote for them ;)

I'd put that in a link, but the web interface of Novell is dreadfully lacking. :|
EDIT:  Fixed it, put it back.  Hate the Novell web interface!  :(

Anyway, going to go back to design the "What's the probability of me passing this exam?" tee for Bina, Charlotte, Kimmy and myself. Hit me
up for any reason, I'll be on AIM all day probably. 


Aug 12, 2009

I know what I want

For my birthday, or something.


At that price, it's like, $31.12 per season.

::makes cute face:: Please?

I'll probably go to bed in another hour or so.  If only because I actually want to get to school on time tomorrow morning.  Triple spare, yay!

Today must be L&O marathon day. I just finished watching a back-to-back of L&O SVU and UK, then switched to TV1 for my regular SVU/CI double.

::dances with glee::

Also, apparently, there was a brawl at the Tigers vs. Red Sox game.  What's up with that, does anyone know?

Today's happy picture:

Bunny tea!

Bedtime after this episode.  Goodnight, all.

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When when when did they decide they were going to release a new L&O?!?!?!?!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!  ::hyperventilates::

::waits for Bri to complain about the amount of L&O I watch::

I just... Wow.  Wow!

Someone can make me very, very happy, and buy me the DVDs of L&O:SVU for Christmas.

But wait, I'm already getting a trip to the US...  :\





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I said "batters", re: Burton and Wells (As in, Tim and Orson?).  I meant pitchers.  /latenightfail.

Putting my stroganoff away, and then bed.


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Yay! I has baseball!

Finally managed to guilt Dad into giving up the TV so I can watch a baseball game for the first time in years.

As I'm watching now, it's the 5th inning of the Reds vs. Cardinals.  Score is 1-1, and it's... Apparently, it's Rasmus up at bat.

Heck, Wells must be really off his game.  It's ball after ball after ball...  This ball count is 3-0 already.  o_O

I've seen 3-0 before, but never in a MLB game.

And... that's a walk.

Loaded bases, score is 2-1 in favour of St. Louis.

Baseball makes me happy.  ::dances and claps in glee::

Oh, fuck the time.  It's only 12:45AM.  I haven't gotten to watch baseball in a shit-long time.

They've switched batters, now.  I think it's Burton that's up.  And... Pujols, caught out.  Unlucky!

Sides-away.  6th inning.  I love watching these guys pitch.  It's like poetry in motion -- when they get it right.  :P

Beautiful catch by Holliday.  And another!  Holy crap.  I wish my people had skillz (spelling intentional) like that.

(Both the parentals have fallen asleep.  "Aw" or something.  :P)

Fumbled by Pujols!  Votto to first.

K, fine, no more play-by-play exclamations of indignant rage or fanatical worship.  :\

Votto keeps trying to sneak.  Good spot, Lohse.

No, that was my last one.  Dad finally woke up and protested.  Pshaw, it's 12.57AM, not 1AM.  Lrn2read, no?

Someone remind me to check the scores (later) in the morning, please.


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Aug 10, 2009

Boredom, joy.

I'm watching the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.  Why the fuck...?

I could (and probably should) do Physics -- but I haven't a flying fuck where my Checkpoints has gone.

Anyway, watching fake B-movie vampire action is funny as hell.  And looking at the faux-contemporary vampire lair and hearing crap like "rubies will drip from your lips" makes me giggle.

"Aren't there any sicknesses that aren't depressing?"  Good lord, Bri, tell me not all high-school students are like that where you are.  I think my IQ is dropping horribly just from watching this.

Random groupie: What do you think about the ozone layer?
Buffy: Let's get rid of that.

LOL.  Ditzy blondes...

Merrick: This is not a very safe place for you to fall asleep.
Pike: [drunkenly] Okay, Mom.

Anyway, if someone runs into my English folder, or my Checkpoints, give them back, yeah?  :)

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Aug 9, 2009

"Aw" photo of the day:

Cross-species kisses

Product of the day

Word of the day: Periphescence

The state of periphescence, however, is well known. It denotes the first fever of human pair bonding. It causes giddiness, elation, a tickling on the chest wall, the urge to climb a balcony on the rope of the beloved's hair. Periphescence denotes the initial drugged and happy bedtime where you sniff your lover like a scented poppy for hours running.

Today, I have learnt Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. Which, by the way, is just G D Em C on capo 5. I am now trying to learn Sixx A.M.'s Accidents Can Happen. Yay me?

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Aug 8, 2009

Yay! Interims!

English - Encountering Conflict 3&4 
  Interim 5: Reading and Responding, ‘Inheritance’ SAC Outstanding  
  Interim 5: Overall achievement grade High  
  Interim 5: Overall effort grade 1 - Good  
Maths Methods (CAS) 3&4
  Interim 5: Multiple choice Test - Algebra, Functions and Calculus Medium  
  Interim 5: Analysis test - Algebra, Functions and Calculus High  
  Interim 5: Overall achievement grade High  
  Interim 5: Overall effort grade 1 - Good  
Chemistry 3&4
  Interim 5: Thermochemistry Test High  
  Interim 5: Overall achievement grade High  
  Interim 5: Overall effort grade 1 - Good  
Physics 3&4
  Interim 5: Test on Light and Matter Medium  
  Interim 5: Overall achievement grade Medium  
  Interim 5: Overall effort grade 1 - Good  

I passed, I passed! ::cheers::

I did meh on Physics.  Oh well.

I'm just happy I passed.

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Aug 5, 2009

Distortion, drums and VST, oh my.

So I logged back on Myspace after like, a 3-month abstinence from the mediocrity of bad design and horrible, horrible coding.

And I found me friends requests from two bands that actually turned out to be wonderful.

Camerae is... something reminiscent of a band I have and love.  Fuck, but what is it?  It's almost like Dear Hunter, but it's much more... jelly-bean-like?  Very soft, indigos and blues.  Fuck, I know there's a similar band I have.  What is it?  Definitely a touch of DH, probably also Last Winter.  Last Winter!  That's the band I was trying to remember!  Okay, so Last Winter, but less green and more rounded.  Yeah.  That's Camerae.

(Apologies to Chris.  I know he's like, facepalming so hard at my version of reviews.)

The Echelon Effect appealed to my senses immediately.  It's like, coming home to a nice warm bath.  It's very soft.  The addition of the TV/radio noises in Limerence are somewhat redolent to similar uses of late-night sitcom clips in September Malevolence's Late Night EpisodeSumming Velocities (and I automatically think of Physics... ::sigh::) is similar to another song by another band that I really cannot fucking remember.  Chris, I need to collect all your songs in one playlist, so I can make this right.  ::sigh::

Oh, Reunion is beautiful.  It's actually literally bringing tears to my eyes, and sending chills down my spine, to listen to this song.  There is something so immensely haunting about this song.  This is not like coming home.  This is more like, like going to a new place, that's at the same time immensely familiar.  Think, epic déja vu.  Around 4:25, it breaks into a section that lights up incredibly strongly.  I just... wow.  Wow.  o_O

Gah, I need to find something that lets me download all these songs!  Brian... ::makes a heart-breakingly adorable face::  Will you look something up in your spare time?

But TEE has a CD up on their site for download.  It'll cost you a little, but they're wonderful.  I don't have it yet, so no shares.  ::waits for a torrent or something::

I'm quite disturbed at how amazingly astute Neil is, at pegging what people are like through snapshots.  I dunno, he's gotten a couple of things wrong (Bri, you don't like Star Wars by any chance, do you?), but an 80% hit rate is enough.  ::shrugs::  Still, 8-11 months is still going to be 8-11 of the best months of my life.  So that's one thing to take away from it, right?  Besides, physiognomy isn't an exact art.

Well, shit.  :\

Bri, can I just take this moment to point out that if I lost you (in the forever kind of way), I wouldn't be long in following you to wherever?

Damn, I was going to report the scores on the game (Royals vs. Mariners), but Sports Tonight just changed it before I saw.  Blah.

Ooh, the bells in Finality (still The Echelon Effect) are pretty.  Ironic, both in the name of the song, and the timing in which it came up on shuffle.

Anyway, I have been given a lot of brainfood today, my friends.  So, I'm going to go kitty nap (hopefully, not wake up at 6AM because of the fucking heater) and get my shiz together for the Westpac Math Comp.  And then, right after that, two spares and straight into an English SAC.  Woopie.  o_O

My head is starting to pound, anyway.  I just... Whatever.  If Ben wants to speak with Shannyn, be a pillar of support while she carelessly spouts that she "wants to get married, if only for the novelty" or whatever and brings him back down, then fine.  Too much to think about, too much to chew on.  Too many things that I'm not so sure I want to believe in, if only because disbelief reduces the possibility of it happening, right?

I don't know.  There's too much, too much to handle right now.  I don't particularly care to go get drunk right now.  But we've got promethazine.  Do I want to shoot up for the sake of a chemically-induced sleep?  I don't care to, but... everything hurts.  Everything hurts, there's too much pending, too many choices that need to be made.  Too many paths to choose, and I haven't a clue which way to go.  Besides which, there's too much out of my hands.

And no, Bri, I'm not talking of you and Amy.

I don't know.  I don't know.  I want him to be wrong.  But he's rarely ever wrong.  And not about something like this.

Urgh, now is such a bad time for "He doesn't like that Mister he likes good old Charlie Kane" to go through my head.  It's highly inappropriate, for a start.

Anyway, taking the laptop in tomorrow, for what brief time I can have with it.  Probably between around 8-9PM TX-time, maybe a little longer, depending on how things go.

And fuck me, I'm sneezing an awful lot.  I think I'm getting sick again. :\


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Yay for chemicals!

In all the crap from father dear, I neglected to mention a number of things:
  • Doc. W enjoyed placing heated metal on my hands probably more than he should have yesterday.  :P  Inducted heat is fun.
  • I took entirely too much joy out of playing with 10M HCl acid today.  But hey, it's there for the burning, right?  It's only a little caustic.  What's a pH of -1 going to do...?
  • [watching Citizen Kane, the scene where he first meets Ms. Alexander]
    Mr. T:  How does she come off to the audience, here?
    Kate:  ...Seductive?
    [note:  this is right as she was talking some crap about getting him [Kane] hot water.  Not really seductive.  But ::shrugs:: Whatever floats your boat, I guess.]
It's almost the time of year to go sign up for the SAT again.  I know, I know, I can't afford to be overseas, father won't pay, blah blah blah.  Dunno.  Since the MBBS at Gippsland is a post-graduate degree (which is why it didn't show up on Coursesearch, Brian), I kinda stand little to no chance of moving out if I want to do medicine here.  Oh, and I so want to do medicine here.  I could go do a BSc for four years at Gippsland, but then it'll be a good 10 years before I'm done with school.  Um, no thanks.

I dunno.  Maybe my damn ship will come in, and I'll be lucky enough to go somewhere... anywhere, to be away.  I can't stand Australia, Melbourne, at moment.  The city is still beautiful, it just doesn't hold my interest like it used to.  I spent another 15 minutes being basically invisible and trying to ignore Tash and Kimmy being all over each other.  And I'm not even sure why that bothers me.  It's not so much Kimmy telling me she's not really into being in a relationship with Tash, and acting otherwise.  Might just be good old-fashioned jealousy, because I have no-one to use as a pony for a while.  ::shrugs::

Everything holds a semi-surreal sense.  Everything is blurred, but it's not.  Everyone is asking me if something's wrong, and I have to stop and ask myself if there is anything.  I don't have anything to be feeling wrong about.  I'm making my peace with everything there is trouble with (what choice do I have, if I want to keep my place?), there's been nothing new to rile me, and yet, there's an overwhelming sense of wrong.  I no longer belong.  My wants, my needs, no longer fit in nicely to some pre-determined pattern.  Seems to be that for no reason other than that I am me, and they are them, I am going to forever be the one that just doesn't quite fit.

Oh, I know, this isn't the case from where they're standing.  I'm going to see Much Ado About Nothing (call the SS Office for tickets; and no, that's not a ship) next week with Rob, Mary, Kate, and an unnamed adult.  And I still sort of consider Kate my mommy, and Rod my daddy, since both my parents failed abysmally in that... parenting role (which worries me.  What kind of parent will I be, when both my own kinda sucked?  Then again, I suppose there's not much I can do but have a go and pray for the best.  Hardly the most effective approach; but is there any other?).  I've made my peace (somewhat) with that [failed parents] as well.  But... things aren't quite the same any more.  Dunno.  Detachment is getting to be a very real problem with me and the rest of the world.

I don't even know why I'm writing this now.  I don't know why I never before now, put down on digital paper my growing indifference to the world at large.  Well, not for a long time, at least.  Perhaps because, not for the first time this week, I was abruptly woken at an un-Godly hour because someone felt it appropriate to turn the heater way fucking up.  Perhaps because when I confronted said person (hint: he won't stop treating me like a fucking child), he told me to "just block the vents" like it wasn't going to pose a fire hazard.  Perhaps because I'm growing fed up with having to set my needs aside for someone else to dally about.  Or perhaps because I'm simply becoming a selfish bitch.

Not sure whether I look forward to this change or not.

It doesn't matter.  I'm really fucking tired.  So I'm going to go nap before playing with electricity (10kV, yay!).  Just noticed that I never dropped off my chem stuff.  Well, bugger that.  I can do that in the brief intermission between 4 and 5.


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Aug 4, 2009

It's that time of year again...

When my father adds another year to his age.

Chúc mừng sinh nhật, ông già tía.  Cho năm mới đến, con chúc bố được sức khỏe, vui vẻ, và măy mắn.

(Happy birthday, old man [okay, not a direct translation.  It'll do.  It's from some folklore thing.].  For the coming year, I wish you good health, happiness, and luck)

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Aug 3, 2009

Ffs, again?!

Forgot.  I found another fucking hypodermic on my way to the bus stop this morning.  What the fuck is happening to this neighbourhood?

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Thank god.

She's back.  Secretive, but back.  I'm glad for that.

So I got my free Tangy Zangy candy today. Didn't think to take a photo before I ate it, so...

It looked kind of like this:

Except mine are blue raspberry.

Side:  Who the fuck decided raspberries were blue?!

Anyway, very, very sour.  Rather delicious, through what of it I could taste through the sour.  Try one, someday.  You can grab your free sample from their site.

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Anyone who has contact details for Sarah Butler, please, shoot an email off to Ben or myself.  And Sarah, if you're reading this, honey, we love you.  Stay safe.  Please, don't hurt yourself. ♥

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Aug 1, 2009

Ooh, also forgot.

During warm-up, we practised short corners.  Jennifer was hitting a ball back into the D, when it bounced off someone's foot and smacked me right in the head.  :\


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Well, I've done my good deed for the day.

But first, the game!

Our final game ever, against Geelong Grammar (well, for me, probably my last hockey game ever.  Whatever).  We played them a couple months ago (3-2 loss), when their goalie stick-checked and had to be exchanged halfway through the second half.  LOL! (Sorry.  Millie's never stick-checked.  ::proud::)

Today, we lost 2-0.  The first goal that was played was a total fluke, being a flyball that really shouldn't have counted as a goal.  For non-hockey players, flyballs of a certain height (I think around the knee) and higher are against the rules.  But the umpire that we had for the first half was evil (read: majorly biased towards G.G).  He didn't call that ball, didn't call half the times the ball hit their feet, and called a shit-ton for things we didn't do.  One of the short corners we had was his fault as well; Laura's too nimble to step on the ball, really!

The second goal was really, shitacular.  There were too many of them, and not enough of us.  ::shrugs:: Doesn't matter.  Last game, really, we didn't care about winning.  This makes it like the third year in a row we haven't won a game.  ;)

And besides which, the second ump was totally more fair to us.  So, I'm placated.

I came on in the second half of the second half (last quarter, basically).  I'm thinking I do way better as a half-back than as a full-back.  But I also think it's way too late to have that epiphany.  :P

Mr. Chard gave us all a disk of photos of our first game as a team.  I'm fairly sure I'm not in there, but I'll stick them all up so you can check out my sexy team anyway.  :P

Here's to you, Hockey 2nds 2009.

So while I'm waiting for the photos to upload, more about my day.

I went to the petshop.  It actually made me way sadder than it should have.  They've got too many birds, and not enough enclosures.  They've got two macaws in an enclosure barely 1.5x1x1m big.  And I mean two full-grown macaws.  There was a red-tailed black cockatoo in another enclosure of the same size.  So basically, neither of these species had enough room to spread out their wings.  In the larger enclosures, they had enough birds to fill up every 2m perch (of which there were maybe 4 or 5), and then some.  There were doves and lorikeets moulting from stress.  I just... ::sad::

The bigger enclosure was only marginally better.  4x2x3m, but housing a red-tailed black cockatoo, a galah, and... I can't remember, but the same one of this type at Gardenworld is called Corey.  Corella, perhaps.  Jesus fucking Christ, and a fuckload of lorikeets and parrots in little cages.

Fish, too.  The barramundi has gotten way too big for his little 2ft side of the tank, so they need to move him post-haste to one of the bigger tanks.  For some reason, there was a dead goldfish in the archerfish's tank.  There are pregnant and juvenile guppies in the female guppy tank, so someone fucked up real bad there.  And in those little .5ft tanks, there were maybe 30 guppies.  Too many fish.  Way too many fish.  The goldfish tubs were literally packed.

And then they got a saratoga.  An 8in saratoga, in a 1ft tank.  Seriously, guys, feed some of the ugly guppies to it.  Get rid of some of the goldfish.  And then move the 'toga to a bigger tank.  You've got way too many fish.

So, to cheer myself up (hah!), went to see the puppies.  This is around the time I lost all faith in the workers there.  There were, I shit you not, at least 2 puppies in every little 1x3x4ft enclosure (w x l x h).  The smaller puppies had 4 to a box, the larger (maybe 6mo) border collie x and kelpie x had two to a box.  Now, I know space is a slight constraint, but are you fucking serious?  The kelpies almost jumped out of their enclosure when I came up to them.  And to boot, the kelpie x and border collie x enclosures were not properly closed.  I could actually open it and let the dogs out.  I mean, really?!

I spoke with one of the workers there, and she told me the dogs get let out once a day in the morning to play and relax.  Once a day?  No wonder they went crazy every time someone walked past them.  They need more time and affection than that.  And most definitely more space.

Went out to the back, and I think things went from bad to worse.  Lots of mice in little (.5x.5x1ft) open-top tanks.  I expected that.  I also sort of expected the 6-8 rabbits in a medium-sized hutch.  I expected the three cats in the (admittedly, roomy) kitty cage.  I did not expect the 15 or 20 chickens that were in the 3x2m (floor area) cages.

On the bright side, at least the reptiles had reasonable room.

I just... I don't even know any more.  I used to go there to cheer myself up, but...  After today?  After seeing all that?  I don't know that I can in good faith come back.

So, slightly more cheerful change of topic.  Found a syringe walking back home.  Hurrah.  Insulin wrapper nearby, though, so at least it wasn't something illegal.  So I called the needle collection service (the number is 1800 55 23 55, in case anyone else is ever in need), and they sent someone to go get.  And that was my good deed for the day.

Anyway, this is taking entirely too long.  Hockey photos here.  Give it about 2 hours (I shit you not) before they're all uploaded, though.  I'm going to go enjoy my (cold) Red Rooster, now.


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