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Aug 14, 2009

Taranto is scary when he's angry...

I've seriously never seen him at anything but jovial before.  So it was a little creepy to walk into class to a pissed-off Taranto and a surprise (to me, anyway) practise SAC.  I actually think I did okay with it -- even if I really don't remember using any film techniques.  Oops.

I liked Dr. W's anecdote this morning.  I really like listening to others' stories.  Does that make me weird?  Anyway, he was explaining how, literally months before the exams (around Aug-Sep), most of the teachers at his school went on strike to protest the appointment of an unqualified teacher.  The teachers stood their ground, and didn't work for seven to eight weeks, and the principal did not back down and fire that guy (because they needed someone to fill that space, and some tuition was better than no tuition).  During that time, he had his... was it his math teacher? and the principal teaching him all his classes.  By the time the teachers came back to work, they discovered that many of their students had finished the course by themselves -- including Dr. W.  That year, the school got the highest scores they'd ever had.  And all because the principal hired someone the rest of the teachers didn't feel qualified.  Go figure.

And apparently, Mr. Friedman has run into a girl here, that he's seen at two or three other schools before.  o_O

I fell asleep in Math again.  :(  But I'm so sick of Markov chains and comparing length runs.  Seriously, dudes, it's so basic that doing it makes me want to scream.

Anyway, after Taranto hands back my Kane plan, it's crunch time.  I really need to write a fantastic essay, pretty much know it word for word, and spew it back out on paper in two weeks' time.

Also, what's this about a Math SAC on the 31st?  o_O!  Gah, I really don't like what's-his-face, Mistuh Hosking.  I'm sure he's a good teacher and all, but he's working us in the ground with SAC timing.  Oh, wait.  I'm in yr12.  This is how it's meant to be.  Fuck.

But today is Much Ado About Nothing day, and that makes me happy.  I like watching school productions.  I mean, I love working on them more, but... eh, I dunno.  Disconnect between myself and the rest of the regular crew people.  Anyway, I'm meant to be getting a gig in September or so, so that should be cool.  But ooh, it wasn't cool when I worked with that other guy last year.  Was it last year?  I don't remember.  Anyway, this guy decided that three mics (read, three mics) could somehow magically hook up to a set of speakers without a mixer.  Well, I suppose it could be done if the three mics were wireless (granted, they were) and had a common receiver.  But no, two separate receivers.  Newsflash, d00d, speakers only have one input.  You can daisy-chain them from one speaker, and theoretically have infinite outputs from one source.  But that's one source.  You have two.  Give me a goddamn jug plug, so I can set up my mixer.

(I think he was more pissed because I came prepped with a mixer.  ::shrugs::)

Eh, it doesn't matter.  His absolute refusal to acknowledge the clip lights pissed me off to no end (no matter how good your speakers are, if your input is clipped, everything is going to be goddamned clipped.  That's why you keep the volume reasonable on the mixer output, and turn it up at the speakers.  If it won't go any higher, then you need better damn speakers or a separate stack of passive speakers and a really good amp), and he in general showed little to no aptitude for sound-tech.  I think my favourite part of the night was when he went to unplug a live cable from the speaker, when it was turned on to full.  Christ, the first thing I learnt in OH&S was to turn off speakers before unplugging anything from them, to prevent damage to the cones and bystanders' eardrums.  Course, the fact that I was standing right in front of the speaker at the time probably didn't help.

It doesn't matter.  My iPod just pulled up Wouldn't It Be Nice.  So I'm happy.  :)

I'm going to go take a quick shower before Bri comes on.  Need to get dressed and ready for tonight.


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