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Aug 19, 2009

Hooray for Natvend!

They sent me back $2 in the post (sending cash in the mail, naughty ::tsk::) after my disastrous attempt to get Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips from the machines yesterday.

Today, I was supposed to ask Mr. Alexander about the platy and cory in the school tank (kept with goldfish.  Break my heart, why don't you?), but ended up getting caught in a debate with a yr11 kid and Mr. A about evolution, and the (kid reckons) lack of evidence to support it.  Nice enough change from the usual.

Ben pulled a sickie today.  Except, he's actually sick.  So I'll let this one slide -- for now.  :P

I managed to sleep through about 10 minutes of Physics today.  Nice.  :|  Richard woke me, so... yay!  Still.  How the hell do I manage to pull off 8hrs of sleep, a 45min nap, and still be tired?

Anyway, probably should write out something for Kane, and then chew on some math.  I dunno, equilibrium (Chem) is okay in my head.  Ditto, Physics.  Just have to get the graphs straight in my head.  But apparently, we have a SAC Monday week.  Joy!

Homeworking.  /dnd.

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