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Aug 19, 2009

He rapped her on the head

with his chopsticks because she didn't pronounce "Torquay" to his satisfaction.  Are you fucking kidding?

(Besides which, he pronounced it "turkey" -- which is also incorrect.  Should I rap him on the head, too?)

I haven't done any Kane work, because NetStorage has decided it was going to shit itself.  Great.  :|  It must be an issue had with one of my plugins on FF and NetStorage, though, because it seems to work fine on Opera.  Maybe it's time I reinstall everything, to clear out all my plugins.

I'm still feeling the effects of sleep dep.  Joy.  Will probably go to bed early tonight (though I went to bed early last night, too), in an attempt to reduce sleep debt.  Sleep debt causes sleep dep.  Try saying that 10 times fast.

No man is an island, they said.  They didn't count on me, didn't count on my inevitable ability to distance myself from my friends and my family.  Hell, even when things are good (as they have been, for a while), everything holds to a surreal sort of reality.  A little, I imagine, like being in a perma-dream would be.

I don't even know.  I'm not complaining, not at all.  Everything is good.  Just... idle speculation on why it is that I rarely feel immersed in anything any more.

I read an article earlier today, that basically stated that people with depressive disorders do not pursue happiness because they are incapable of enjoying it.  Is that me?  Is that now what I have become?  Unwilling to exert a little effort, to get what I want, because I simply cannot be happy?

Or am I just looking for an excuse to be what I am?

Sad, really.  I dreamt of my own death before.  Had it planned out, the cross-strokes and tittles in the right places.  And I was actually positively cheerful about it.  Thing is, I don't want to die.  Why, then, did I feel so damn elated at my forthcoming death?

On an unrelated tangent, I found an article to that social experiment we studied a while back.  Here.  Figured y'all'd find it interesting.

And on the lighter side of things:

Bri:  Might find this useful.

Also, YAY I have the first season of Secret Life.  Need to set the conversion tonight (must remember!).  Does anyone have spare headphones that I can borrow, tomorrow morning?

Last image of the evening:

Happy video makees me happy:

kitten vs. frontrow from mattcoats on Vimeo.


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