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Aug 13, 2009

I've gotten slack with my posting. :(

Watch me have very few posts, as of late. :(

So anyway, brief update:

  • Taranto was talking of some kid who left a brick "in front of [his] door" a few years ago, as a parting gift. I absent-mindedly asked "But how did he know where you lived?" Three years I've been here, I still haven't twigged that "door" and "office" are used interchangeably by teachers here. :(
  • Apparently, some other kid's Citizen Kane text response, at the end of year exam, consisted of one sentence: "Charles Foster Kane is a fucking idiot." He got a 0. I would have given him at least a couple of points: astute observation, brevity of response, persuasive, engaging writing style...
  • More playing with the Rumkorf (sp?) coil. Nothin' like messin' with electricity...

We had a guest speaker on Tuesday (can't remember his name. Sorry) who was an Old Boy (Bri: This means he used to go to Haileybury, not that he's a walking fossil or anything of the type), and managed to run into a lot of Haileyburians throughout his life. He brought up the concept of "Six degrees of Sursum Corda"; that, wherever you end up going as an Old Haileyburian (side: does this mean I'm going to be an Old Girl upon graduation? :(), you'll probably end up bumping into one of us. And this morning, I get a message telling me about Sarah & The King Bees. Excerpt from Star Central Magazine:

"Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah & The King Bees is fronted by fresh faced singer, Sarah Paletu’a - who is of Tongan and Australian descent and is accompanied on guitar by her German identical twin friends - Max & Reuben Wakefield. A fourth, Bill Barba, completes The King Bees, however has yet to make an appearance on one of the group’s videos that are rapidly gaining popularity and a few honours on Youtube. The foursome all met at their senior high school common room in April of 2008 and has since released a number of videos and performed gigs around their hometown. Covers were initially their forte, but the group has now widened their repertoire by producing a number of originals, which are a mix between pop, country, a bit of roots and many other fruits on the tree."

Now, I remember the Wakefields, but not Sarah or Bill.

Meh. Do me a favour, guys, go here and vote for them ;)

I'd put that in a link, but the web interface of Novell is dreadfully lacking. :|
EDIT:  Fixed it, put it back.  Hate the Novell web interface!  :(

Anyway, going to go back to design the "What's the probability of me passing this exam?" tee for Bina, Charlotte, Kimmy and myself. Hit me
up for any reason, I'll be on AIM all day probably. 


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