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Aug 13, 2009

Screw you, Jackson

And your cake stall.

 Bernice and Vanessa were arguing on which muffins I should buy, so like an idiot, I went and bought both. :|

 I also got tiramisu. Now, being some kind of sensitive to caffeine, do I have a death wish? :|

 Now I'm stuck with a tray of 5 tiny muffins (there were 8. My classmates got hungry), a vanilla muffin that is 30 times sweeter than my tastebuds are used to (cute, though, with the little sprinkles) and a tiramisu muffin I don't know if I should eat.

 Crap. :|

 I think I renounce my sweet tooth. I've had too much.

 Did manage to get myself a Nestle Iced Tea this morning. I know, I know, it's foul compared to the real thing. But it's still ambrosia to someone who hasn't had iced tea in like 4 years. :|

 Going to go pick up my souvlaki (SHIT KIM WAIT COME BACK I GOT YOU ONE TOO) and try to eat this sugar cane plantation.

 Au revoir.

 (Side: The Decemberists suddenly sound much better than I remember them being.)

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