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Aug 5, 2009

Distortion, drums and VST, oh my.

So I logged back on Myspace after like, a 3-month abstinence from the mediocrity of bad design and horrible, horrible coding.

And I found me friends requests from two bands that actually turned out to be wonderful.

Camerae is... something reminiscent of a band I have and love.  Fuck, but what is it?  It's almost like Dear Hunter, but it's much more... jelly-bean-like?  Very soft, indigos and blues.  Fuck, I know there's a similar band I have.  What is it?  Definitely a touch of DH, probably also Last Winter.  Last Winter!  That's the band I was trying to remember!  Okay, so Last Winter, but less green and more rounded.  Yeah.  That's Camerae.

(Apologies to Chris.  I know he's like, facepalming so hard at my version of reviews.)

The Echelon Effect appealed to my senses immediately.  It's like, coming home to a nice warm bath.  It's very soft.  The addition of the TV/radio noises in Limerence are somewhat redolent to similar uses of late-night sitcom clips in September Malevolence's Late Night EpisodeSumming Velocities (and I automatically think of Physics... ::sigh::) is similar to another song by another band that I really cannot fucking remember.  Chris, I need to collect all your songs in one playlist, so I can make this right.  ::sigh::

Oh, Reunion is beautiful.  It's actually literally bringing tears to my eyes, and sending chills down my spine, to listen to this song.  There is something so immensely haunting about this song.  This is not like coming home.  This is more like, like going to a new place, that's at the same time immensely familiar.  Think, epic déja vu.  Around 4:25, it breaks into a section that lights up incredibly strongly.  I just... wow.  Wow.  o_O

Gah, I need to find something that lets me download all these songs!  Brian... ::makes a heart-breakingly adorable face::  Will you look something up in your spare time?

But TEE has a CD up on their site for download.  It'll cost you a little, but they're wonderful.  I don't have it yet, so no shares.  ::waits for a torrent or something::

I'm quite disturbed at how amazingly astute Neil is, at pegging what people are like through snapshots.  I dunno, he's gotten a couple of things wrong (Bri, you don't like Star Wars by any chance, do you?), but an 80% hit rate is enough.  ::shrugs::  Still, 8-11 months is still going to be 8-11 of the best months of my life.  So that's one thing to take away from it, right?  Besides, physiognomy isn't an exact art.

Well, shit.  :\

Bri, can I just take this moment to point out that if I lost you (in the forever kind of way), I wouldn't be long in following you to wherever?

Damn, I was going to report the scores on the game (Royals vs. Mariners), but Sports Tonight just changed it before I saw.  Blah.

Ooh, the bells in Finality (still The Echelon Effect) are pretty.  Ironic, both in the name of the song, and the timing in which it came up on shuffle.

Anyway, I have been given a lot of brainfood today, my friends.  So, I'm going to go kitty nap (hopefully, not wake up at 6AM because of the fucking heater) and get my shiz together for the Westpac Math Comp.  And then, right after that, two spares and straight into an English SAC.  Woopie.  o_O

My head is starting to pound, anyway.  I just... Whatever.  If Ben wants to speak with Shannyn, be a pillar of support while she carelessly spouts that she "wants to get married, if only for the novelty" or whatever and brings him back down, then fine.  Too much to think about, too much to chew on.  Too many things that I'm not so sure I want to believe in, if only because disbelief reduces the possibility of it happening, right?

I don't know.  There's too much, too much to handle right now.  I don't particularly care to go get drunk right now.  But we've got promethazine.  Do I want to shoot up for the sake of a chemically-induced sleep?  I don't care to, but... everything hurts.  Everything hurts, there's too much pending, too many choices that need to be made.  Too many paths to choose, and I haven't a clue which way to go.  Besides which, there's too much out of my hands.

And no, Bri, I'm not talking of you and Amy.

I don't know.  I don't know.  I want him to be wrong.  But he's rarely ever wrong.  And not about something like this.

Urgh, now is such a bad time for "He doesn't like that Mister he likes good old Charlie Kane" to go through my head.  It's highly inappropriate, for a start.

Anyway, taking the laptop in tomorrow, for what brief time I can have with it.  Probably between around 8-9PM TX-time, maybe a little longer, depending on how things go.

And fuck me, I'm sneezing an awful lot.  I think I'm getting sick again. :\


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