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Aug 23, 2009

I was doing so well

At not-talking.  And then Van got home and I started the obligatory conversation with her.

Blah.  But she bought me phở, so I suppose all is forgiven.

I managed to finish my math assignment in a very short time this afternoon.  Yay!

Always intended on writing a Kane essay today, but blah.  I think I'm okay with them, though.  Just need to remember more quotes and damn filmic techniques.  They're where I lose the most marks.  And I need an 8 or so on this SAC (Thu. p5, joy!), and on the end of year exam.

I should probably finish applying to universities.  I'm not entirely sure why I keep putting it off.  I think most of me is just terrified beyond imagine of failing.  If you never try, you never know you suck, right?  Eh, but that logic is awfully flawed.  As Brian's pointed out before, not trying is equivalent to failure anyway.  So I just have to bite the bullet and apply.

But christ, where to?  Flinders U (SA) is good, I suppose.  As is Griffith U and JCU (both QLD).  And Monash (VIC) is always a good choice.  But trying to juggle the obligatory applications, money, family expectations for said money...  Hell, it's a pain in the ass.  And circumnavigating application forms is no better.  I don't think they've yet realised that there are non-tertiary institutions that train students for VET certificates.

Eh, I don't know.  It's a minefield I don't think I'm in quite the mindset to tackle, just yet.

My most recent headphone death has had me très, très désolé.  I have no headphones, at all.  So, my new-found wealth (a grand total of $255) has had me scouring eBay up and down, looking for bargains.  Cheap headphones will be heading to my place, starting from Tuesday at the earliest.  And I also have a set of 20 screwdriver bits (with a rivet handle, yay!), for $8.99 (incl. P&H).  How did I survive before Paypal?  I mean, really?

I'm going to go eat my delicious phở.  If Bri doesn't manage to get online soonish, I'm going to hit the hay.  I'm tired.  :\

Goodnight, dears.

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