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Aug 16, 2009


It always makes me happy to hear thunder rumbling around, and see the lights flickering ominously.  I don't know why.  I'm scawed of the dark.  :\

Never understood that, either.  Nyctophobia is not cool, in someone my age.

You know, I have some really stunning friends.  I was just taking a look at my friends list on Country Story, and hot damn.  Manda and Jing-Wen are both terribly adorable.  Though I suppose I'm rather gorgeous myself.  ::preens:: :P

I suppose I should go to bed.  But I'm eating some of bà nội's cháo, and it makes me happy.  I could finish what's left of the stroganoff (oh yeah, I think I neglected to mention that I successfully made stroganoff the other night, and didn't set fire to the kitchen or anything :P) but meh.  I've had stroganoff for dinner so many nights in a row already...  :\

Thunder just went past again.  Does this mean I can watch lightning as I fall asleep?  I'm not crazy about bright flashing light while I'm trying to sleep, but it'd be cool to watch.

Anyway, I'm going to fish for a while longer (Pet Society), and maybe check on my crops (Farmville) [can you tell what I've been doing all day?] and then head to bed.

Goodnight, dears.

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