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Aug 12, 2009

Yay! I has baseball!

Finally managed to guilt Dad into giving up the TV so I can watch a baseball game for the first time in years.

As I'm watching now, it's the 5th inning of the Reds vs. Cardinals.  Score is 1-1, and it's... Apparently, it's Rasmus up at bat.

Heck, Wells must be really off his game.  It's ball after ball after ball...  This ball count is 3-0 already.  o_O

I've seen 3-0 before, but never in a MLB game.

And... that's a walk.

Loaded bases, score is 2-1 in favour of St. Louis.

Baseball makes me happy.  ::dances and claps in glee::

Oh, fuck the time.  It's only 12:45AM.  I haven't gotten to watch baseball in a shit-long time.

They've switched batters, now.  I think it's Burton that's up.  And... Pujols, caught out.  Unlucky!

Sides-away.  6th inning.  I love watching these guys pitch.  It's like poetry in motion -- when they get it right.  :P

Beautiful catch by Holliday.  And another!  Holy crap.  I wish my people had skillz (spelling intentional) like that.

(Both the parentals have fallen asleep.  "Aw" or something.  :P)

Fumbled by Pujols!  Votto to first.

K, fine, no more play-by-play exclamations of indignant rage or fanatical worship.  :\

Votto keeps trying to sneak.  Good spot, Lohse.

No, that was my last one.  Dad finally woke up and protested.  Pshaw, it's 12.57AM, not 1AM.  Lrn2read, no?

Someone remind me to check the scores (later) in the morning, please.


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