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Aug 1, 2009

Well, I've done my good deed for the day.

But first, the game!

Our final game ever, against Geelong Grammar (well, for me, probably my last hockey game ever.  Whatever).  We played them a couple months ago (3-2 loss), when their goalie stick-checked and had to be exchanged halfway through the second half.  LOL! (Sorry.  Millie's never stick-checked.  ::proud::)

Today, we lost 2-0.  The first goal that was played was a total fluke, being a flyball that really shouldn't have counted as a goal.  For non-hockey players, flyballs of a certain height (I think around the knee) and higher are against the rules.  But the umpire that we had for the first half was evil (read: majorly biased towards G.G).  He didn't call that ball, didn't call half the times the ball hit their feet, and called a shit-ton for things we didn't do.  One of the short corners we had was his fault as well; Laura's too nimble to step on the ball, really!

The second goal was really, shitacular.  There were too many of them, and not enough of us.  ::shrugs:: Doesn't matter.  Last game, really, we didn't care about winning.  This makes it like the third year in a row we haven't won a game.  ;)

And besides which, the second ump was totally more fair to us.  So, I'm placated.

I came on in the second half of the second half (last quarter, basically).  I'm thinking I do way better as a half-back than as a full-back.  But I also think it's way too late to have that epiphany.  :P

Mr. Chard gave us all a disk of photos of our first game as a team.  I'm fairly sure I'm not in there, but I'll stick them all up so you can check out my sexy team anyway.  :P

Here's to you, Hockey 2nds 2009.

So while I'm waiting for the photos to upload, more about my day.

I went to the petshop.  It actually made me way sadder than it should have.  They've got too many birds, and not enough enclosures.  They've got two macaws in an enclosure barely 1.5x1x1m big.  And I mean two full-grown macaws.  There was a red-tailed black cockatoo in another enclosure of the same size.  So basically, neither of these species had enough room to spread out their wings.  In the larger enclosures, they had enough birds to fill up every 2m perch (of which there were maybe 4 or 5), and then some.  There were doves and lorikeets moulting from stress.  I just... ::sad::

The bigger enclosure was only marginally better.  4x2x3m, but housing a red-tailed black cockatoo, a galah, and... I can't remember, but the same one of this type at Gardenworld is called Corey.  Corella, perhaps.  Jesus fucking Christ, and a fuckload of lorikeets and parrots in little cages.

Fish, too.  The barramundi has gotten way too big for his little 2ft side of the tank, so they need to move him post-haste to one of the bigger tanks.  For some reason, there was a dead goldfish in the archerfish's tank.  There are pregnant and juvenile guppies in the female guppy tank, so someone fucked up real bad there.  And in those little .5ft tanks, there were maybe 30 guppies.  Too many fish.  Way too many fish.  The goldfish tubs were literally packed.

And then they got a saratoga.  An 8in saratoga, in a 1ft tank.  Seriously, guys, feed some of the ugly guppies to it.  Get rid of some of the goldfish.  And then move the 'toga to a bigger tank.  You've got way too many fish.

So, to cheer myself up (hah!), went to see the puppies.  This is around the time I lost all faith in the workers there.  There were, I shit you not, at least 2 puppies in every little 1x3x4ft enclosure (w x l x h).  The smaller puppies had 4 to a box, the larger (maybe 6mo) border collie x and kelpie x had two to a box.  Now, I know space is a slight constraint, but are you fucking serious?  The kelpies almost jumped out of their enclosure when I came up to them.  And to boot, the kelpie x and border collie x enclosures were not properly closed.  I could actually open it and let the dogs out.  I mean, really?!

I spoke with one of the workers there, and she told me the dogs get let out once a day in the morning to play and relax.  Once a day?  No wonder they went crazy every time someone walked past them.  They need more time and affection than that.  And most definitely more space.

Went out to the back, and I think things went from bad to worse.  Lots of mice in little (.5x.5x1ft) open-top tanks.  I expected that.  I also sort of expected the 6-8 rabbits in a medium-sized hutch.  I expected the three cats in the (admittedly, roomy) kitty cage.  I did not expect the 15 or 20 chickens that were in the 3x2m (floor area) cages.

On the bright side, at least the reptiles had reasonable room.

I just... I don't even know any more.  I used to go there to cheer myself up, but...  After today?  After seeing all that?  I don't know that I can in good faith come back.

So, slightly more cheerful change of topic.  Found a syringe walking back home.  Hurrah.  Insulin wrapper nearby, though, so at least it wasn't something illegal.  So I called the needle collection service (the number is 1800 55 23 55, in case anyone else is ever in need), and they sent someone to go get.  And that was my good deed for the day.

Anyway, this is taking entirely too long.  Hockey photos here.  Give it about 2 hours (I shit you not) before they're all uploaded, though.  I'm going to go enjoy my (cold) Red Rooster, now.


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