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Jul 25, 2009

Why do I assume...?

that Assumption College is in Geelong, when it's really in Kilmore?

Probably because we play so many damn games in Geelong.

Today...  we sucked.  That's all that can really be said about it.  Millie had to go fill in for Tash with the Firsts, so they stuck me as goalie.  Actually, I stuck me as goalie, because I figured the padding would keep me warm.  Hah!  I took the gloves off for 5 minutes, tops, at half-time, to have a drink.  Still couldn't feel my fingers at the end of the game.  But maybe that was because it was just retardedly cold up there.  Is it just me, or is Kilmore really close to the Great Dividing Range?

Anyway, I did alright in the first half.  If only because Jen and Nicole did all my work for me and kept the ball mostly away from the goal and out of the D.  And then... the second half and their three best players came around.  Goal after goal after goal after goal...  Urgh.  I'm kicking myself for missing them.  But their side was just... wham-wham-wham-goal.  Fucking hell.

We ended up losing 9-1 in a game which was supposed to be an easy win.  :\

There's no blame here, to be apportioned.  We tried.  We just... didn't try hard enough, I guess.

Last away game evah for me, though.  Epic relief.  No more sitting in a friggin' bus for a couple of hours to step out into the freezing cold, to run around on a faux-grass (Astroturf, I think it is) pitch and hit things into other things.

I'm home and warm with pizza.  So, I'm content.

I didn't get a photo of me in goalie gear, though.  :P  Sorry to disappoint.

Maybe next time.

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