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Jul 28, 2009

J'ai un dilemme.

Hockey tonight, or home to study for the UMAT, both SACs, and the Physics SAC that's just popped out of 'nowhere'?
Either way, I'm probably going to end up crashing early.  I am ridiculously tired, and I have to be at Caulfield Racecourse (!) at 8AM tomorrow.  Which means, getting up at 6.30, bullying Van into driving me up (because I do not want to spend time with my father), signing in, all that shit.
I already emailed Chard to check if it's okay, but he hasn't replied yet.
I feel bad.  I like Mr. Chard, and I hate skipping out on something he's so enthusiastic about.  But in all honesty, [sotto voce] I really don't like hockey.  Not... not when I'm so swamped with other things, and tired to boot.  Granted, tired was my own damn fault.  Still...
I'm not sure whether I want to register to vote yet.  For all I know, the sky could fall in my lap tomorrow, fortune will smile on me, and I won't be in Australia when I turn 18.  ::shrugs::
Apparently, valedictory dinner's going to be held at the Hilton in the city.  (Reminds me of that Paris Hilton video, shortly after her sex tape was published)  That's going to be trouble.  How do I get there and back, and more importantly, how to dissuade my folks from going?  I don't want him there, that much is clear.  Don't want my father tainting the last good memories I can have of Haileybury.  But of course, transport issues.  :\
I never did get to talk with Tash.  Apparently, Kimmy beat me to it.  She looks an awful lot more cheerful today than she did yesterday.  That's always great to see.
Going to go pick Adam's brain about whether I should go.  I'm getting antsy, waiting for replies, and I really need to know so I can either go to sleep or go home.

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