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Jul 27, 2009

Well, don't I feel like a shit.

Just blew up at Ben (yet again) for having a detention because he didn't do his homework.  Three essays, of 900 words each, over mid-year break.

Well, what else do I do?  I'm not going to let it slide.  Frankly, it annoys me way too much (probably because I care way more than I should).  It's not the first time it's happened.  And hey, this year actually counts for something.  It's not like practise, like last year or the year before.  This year actually matters.

I know, I'm a fucking hypocrite.  I didn't get any work done tonight, either.  After father dear's smashing down of what little willpower I had, I'm just glad I'm still sober and in a relatively good mood.

I shouldn't be so harsh towards Ben.  He's had it rough, what with the Shannyn thing and whatever else.  But honestly?  He chose to go on the trip, to put the time and money into spending time overseas.  That came with the unwritten caveat that he'd also be able to balance his schoolwork on top of that.  Which, being a travel veteran with the school, he should well know already.  Apparently, this is the case, but he doesn't seem to particularly care enough to make a difference about it.

I don't even know any more.  It's not worth continually nagging him about, and I feel kinda like a mom doing that anyway.  But Jesus fucking Christ, someone, please, set the kid straight.  He needs to get his shit done if it's compulsory, or if it's SAC preparation.  That's all.  I'm a pretty big procrastinator myself, and I still managed to get everything done.

I don't know what annoys me more, the fact that this is happening and he doesn't seem to learn from it (I'm thinking of previous detentions he's had for not handing things in) or the fact that, despite all this, he's still going to get to do all the things I'm not allowed to do because I'm supposed to be studying.  The injustice is something that's really, rather childish.  Doesn't niggle at me any less.

Anyway, since someone has turned up the motherfuckin' heater AGAIN! after I've turned it down at least 4 times since 4PM (it's 11PM now), I'm going to go take a shower and break the fucking remote.  Maybe, do some reading, so I don't fail my SACs tomorrow.

Yeah, that's what I have in the morning.  Chem SAC double write-up, and a Maths SAC in session 6.  Hockey tomorrow night, too.  Last session, ever.  ::cheers wildly::  Christ, I'm so unbelievably glad for that.

Today's "aw" moment:

Every so often, some little thing you say, or do, completely overwhelms me, and I remember why I absolutely adore you.

Today's word: basorexia (n.)

An overwhelming desire to neck or kiss.


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