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Sep 3, 2009

It's official.

I loathe VTAC.  And QTAC.  And any other -TACs that find it appropriate to use fucking Java in their application forms.

I've been sitting here, I shit you not, for about half a year (!) [Okay, slight exaggeration.  Closer to a couple of hours] trying to submit my information in to VTAC and QTAC.  After having Firefox spit the dummy and absolutely refuse to load the forms after the gazillionth seemingly unending wait (I empathise with you, little browser dude), I switched to Opera -- only to have the VTAC form crash it.  I suppose I could try to walk to Canada from here, including going down any deep-ocean trenches between here and there, and back up again, and when I get to Toronto and call home, I'll find that the page will not have bloody loaded.  Seriously?  VTAC?  You know whether I've done tertiary studies.  You know what other years I've been enrolled in yr12 subjects.  You have all this information.  Why the fuck are you wasting my time and bandwidth asking me for it again?  The other states I can forgive, but you?

Sheesh, I finished my SATAC application (Flinders U, Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in about 5 minutes.  You know why?  Because they have this nice log-in thing.  Yes, yes, VTAC, you have it too.  Guess what?  SATAC remembers the information you've previously entered.  Which means I don't have to sit through a million screens (I don't have to anyway, yay for PHP-based forms) to type in everything I typed in before.

Anyone who is observant might note that it's now 12:30AM.  Well, you know what?  I'm going to be a stubborn bitch.  I'm not going to bed until my applications are in.  I'll lose my nerve tomorrow, and refuse to do it.  It's being done today.  And woe unto any stupid slow forms that get in my way.

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  1. This is because VTAC require payment at the end of the application and will not commence processing without this.

  2. Yeah, SATAC does too. The process is just hella faster, because they don't use Java. Which, in my opinion, is a failure of a programming language anyway.


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