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Sep 3, 2009

I has a dilemma.

I'm very, very tired.

However, Schindler's List is on Classics +2.

Bed, or TV?

Bed in a little while, I think.  My throat hurts horridly.

Also, an article you may find interesting.  I believe I've discussed the issue of "My abortion is the only moral abortion" before, but if I have not, someone drop me a line and I'll cover it next time.  I should have a little free time, now that I've done my final SACs for all but two subjects (Chemistry [Electrolysis] and Physics [Sound]).

Trial exams are on next week, but blah.  It's really only the English exam I worry about.  And to a degree, Math and Physics.  Chem is easy at the moment.

Does anyone know the name of that song the band is playing, when Schindler first enters the dining room (?)?  It's also in True Lies, played in the tango Arnie had with that evil conniving woman, and also with his missus at the end.

Dad's home with steak.  But I'm not eating.  I'll stay up to watch a little more of Schindler's List, but I'll head to bed in about half an hour.  Ffs, if I'd known this was on before, I'd have watched it then.  (Bri:  The +2 channels play what's on the regular channel, but 2 hours later.)

Tomorrow, I believe Taranto will be flogging us to produce some quality language analysis essays, so I should probably crunch down on that.  No more assignments, possibly ever, so yay!  No more compulsory weekend math!


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