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Sep 9, 2009


Of hell, maybe.

Monday wasn't too bad, I managed to get pretty much all the math equations (er, except that weird integration multi-choice one).

Yesterday, I walked out of English because of severe nausea (probably brought on by my own non-eating idiocy).  Physics wasn't completely horrid, but I think there were a number of questions I missed.

Then we get to today.  Chem was... in a word, horrible.  I walked in there, and everything flew out of my head.  What byproducts of ammonia production?  The equation is just N2(g) + 3H2(g) → 2NH3(g).  There are no byproducts.  For the production of H2, yeah, but that's different.  ::sigh::

I did find this absolutely hilarious, though.  I think I play too many RPGs :\

I'm kind of woozy.  I'd sleep, but eh, I don't want to miss Brian, and there's no-one who can wake me.  I think Van's moved out, though, given how there's a lot of her stuff still here, she's probably nowhere near done.  I've heard nothing from Dad about throwing her out, so, I don't know.  Whatever, I can't afford to emotionally invest in their business as well as my own.

My butterfly earrings arrived this morning.  :)  Here's a photo of them, off the eBay listing (I cropped it.  I can't stand excess whitespace):

Butterfly earrings

Pretty, eh?  :)  Tanzanite and 18k white-gold plating.  And all for $12.99, plus free shipping, too.

Online shopping is great.  I've bought birthday presents for Bina, and Christmas presents (yes, already) for Bina, Kimmy, and Tash.  I already have a birthday present for Ben, but I still need to get him something for Christmas.  Am still working on something for Brian.  Love, what do you want for Christmas?

I might get me some more cháo.  I'm really hungry, all of a sudden, and I think if I don't eat, Brian just might yell.  :P  Tschau.

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